80 Years of Kinnelon Fire Chiefs
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2006-2007 Alan Bresett
2002-2003 Patrick Avello
1994-1995 Robert Appeldoorn
1989-1991 Walter Roche

Left and above
1986-1988 Ernest Pallatucci
Above and below
1984-1985 E. "Dutch" Kishbaugh
1982-1983 Eugene A. Tuite
1978-1979 Howard Roughgarden
(Need a photo !)
1976-1977 Richard Lummer
Above with wife, Willie
Left in dress uniform
1974-1975, 1980-1981 Ralph Grube
1972-1973 Len Breen
1970-1971 Jack DeVries
1968-1969 Al Koschoreck
1961-1966 Al Schmitt
1960 Walter Nash

1950 Clifford Huxter

1948-1949 Frank Uscinowicz

1947 Bill McKeever

1945-1946 Charles Jones

1944 Ralph Ricker

1936 Russell Smith

1935 Harry W. Gormley

1930-1934 Garrie Miller, Sr. (founding Chief)

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2004-2005 Kieth Pavlak
2008-2009 Gail Bresett
1998-1999 William
1996-1997, 2000-2001       
Kieth Pavlak
1992-1993 Alan Bresett
1967 Richard Meslar
1951-1959 Robert Tullett
1937-1943 Bill McKeever
(Need a photo !)
My name is Bob Tullett and my dad was chief of KVFD from 1951 thru 1959.  I grew up in Smoke Rise and got to go on
runs with him and eventully became a firefighter / EMT out here in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio where dad was
transferred in 1960. I have attached some pictures of him with some of the trucks and I have many more from the 50's

                                                                                                                                              Thanks Bob!  All of us at KVFC
2010-2011 James Bosch