Serve your community!
In our town, fire alarms are answered entirely by volunteers. If you
have a fire emergency,
your neighbors will be driving the fire trucks and put
out your fire.

Fifty members of the tax-exempt non-profit corporation called Kinnelon
Volunteer Fire Company provide day and night fire protection to our entire
town. The fire apparatus responds from three firehouses: Company 1 on
Kiel Avenue, Company 2 on Boonton Avenue, and Company 3 on
Perimeter Road in Smoke Rise.

When our pagers alert us to a 911 fire emergency, we drive our personal
cars to the firehouse, don our protective clothing and equipment and answer
the call on the fire apparatus. In our town we average about four calls a
week. Most alarms tend to be easily resolved. But we occasionally must
deal with some serious emergencies.

Our Kinnelon firefighter volunteers, all your neighbors, are men and women
ranging in age from 18 to senior citizen. If you are in good health and have a
valid driver's license, you can start your training:

How do I become a volunteer firefighter?

1. Stop at a firehouse closest to where you live in Kinnelon and meet some
of your neighbor-volunteers. Take a firehouse tour. You will see, first-hand,
the people and equipment you will be working with, and get to understand
how much even the newest members-in-training can be a big help.

2. Come to our monthly business meeting, usually on the first Monday of
the month at 7:30 pm at Firemen's Hall at the Kiel Avenue Firehouse, and
meet the fire chiefs and officers and be introduced as a "prospective
candidate." No obligation yet!

3. Fill out the application and take the short, free physical exam.

4. After passing your physical and upon completion of the paperwork, then,
when you attend the next monthly business meeting, you will be greeted as
a new member and be issued a pager and "turnout gear": the firefighter's
helmet, boots and protective clothing. When you are "in town" you always
carry the pager because you are now on duty! When you respond to alarms
there is plenty to do as a probationary firefighter "under instruction", and
lots to learn.

5. At some point in your first year as a member you will begin the required
150 hours of classroom and practical training at the Morris County Fire
Academy. The sessions, typically meeting twice a week, are scheduled so
you can choose to attend daytime, evening or weekend classes.

6. Upon completion of the formal training course you will earn a "Firefighter
I" qualification certificate. But the training goes on... We drill twice a month
on Monday evenings to maintain proficiency. Although not every member
can respond to every alarm or attend every drill, we stay safe by
participating in as much recurrent training as we can.

Below are the names and phone numbers of our fire chiefs and company
captains. Feel free to contact them and ask about the rewards of
volunteering. Again, stop by a firehouse anytime you see someone there and
get a personal tour.

Thank you for taking an interest in the community and your all-volunteer
fire company.

for info on joining call 973-838-5401 x3

Company 1, Kiel Avenue
Company 2, Boonton Avenue
Company 3, Perimeter Road